Twitter: more fun that I thought it was going to be


Last year I wrote a blog entry comparing Twitter (unfavorably) to Facebook. It’s less personal, I said. These people you’re following, they’re not really your friends. It’s really all about branding. Yada yada.



All of this is true. With the addendum: I’ve changed my mind. I can see now what it’s all about.



Largely this is because I’ve only recently begun to use a handheld device. In some unexplainable way, Twitter comes alive on a handheld. On my laptop screen, it just lies there lifeless; it reminds me of those old 1990s bulletin-board sites that were only one generation beyond MS-DOS. On my BlackBerry, however Twitter looks zippy and cute. I can scroll up and down with the touch of a thumb and watch the world skitter past.



Of course, it takes a while to figure out whom to follow. Here are some of my favorites:



  • My policy wonks, the snarky/cute Jake Tapper and the twinktastic Ezra Klein, both of whom always have something to say (and Jakie likes to take pictures out the window of the press helicopter!). (Fun fact: Jake dated Monica Lewinsky once or twice.)

  • The whole Chelsea Handler crew – Gary Valentine, Josh Wolf, Ross Matthews, Jo Koy, Sarah Colonna, Chris Franjola, Chelsea’s dog Chunk – all of whom can be relied upon for zingy one-liners, as well as the occasional pantsless backstage pic.

  • The Bronx Zoo Cobra. (Sample tweet: “Hey, everyone, it’s Glass Cutter Day at the zoo! Bring a glass cutter and get in for half-price!”)

  • A couple of astronauts, because they’re cute, and you never know when they might actually tweet something from space, and how futuristic would that be?

  • Harvey Levin of TMZ. I love the gossip (even though 75% of the people mentioned on the show are unfamiliar to me), and Harvey himself, all five-foot-three he-man lawyer inches of him, is adorable.



I used to follow the Jersey Shore cast, but they are so galumphingly stupid that it became tiresome to read them. (“I UP IN THE HOUSE HATERZ!” Bleah.)



Look for me in your message feed: @lorwil.



And remember: HATERZ GONNA HATE!




About Loren Williams
Gay, partnered, living in Providence, working at a local university. Loves: books, movies, TV. Comments and recriminations can be sent to

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