Sunday blog: The Beatles (well, a couple of them) sing “What’s The New Mary Jane?”


A few years ago I decided I needed a complete set of the Beatles on CD, so I scoured eBay, and found a Ukrainian who was offering just that for sale. I paid my USD$110 and held my breath.



After about four months, just at the point when I was picturing some anonymous Yuri or Boris frolicking with my money on the banks of the Dneister and laughing at my gullibility, I received a very suspicious-looking parcel, wrapped in brown paper and ugly twine (I wish I’d kept it, it looked incredibly illicit) with a whole boatload of nicely-packaged Ukrainian CDs in it, with every note from every Beatles album, and a whole bunch of other music included besides. It was the Ultimate Deluxe Bootleg Black-Market Package, including album art and lots of studio recordings that I’d never heard before.



Here, from those highly suspect Ukrainian CDs, is a song I bet you’ve never heard. It’s called “What’s The New Mary Jane?” It was recorded by John, and George, and Yoko, and Mal Evans, while sitting on the floor during the taping of the White Album. They were incredibly high, in case you can’t tell. The song very nearly made it onto the album, too.



I like it.



What a shame Mary Jane had a pain at the party!


28_What’s_the_New_Mary_Jane.m4a Listen on Posterous




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