Sir David Tang


I subscribe to the Financial Times.  This is mostly for the crossword puzzle. I like reading about finance and economics too, however; I know I’ll never really understand them, but I’m a masochist and enjoy banging my head against them sometimes.



The FT has wonderful features, especially in the weekend issue. I have already written about the column written by Tyler Brule, the gay Canadian entrepreneur of French / Estonian descent who edits the magazine “Monocle.” (If you’ve heard of “Monocle,” award yourself several thousand snob points.)



Another more recent addition is a column called “The Agony Uncle,” by a Chinese entrepreneur / kajillionaire named Sir David Tang.



I never miss reading him.



“Agony aunts,” for you Americans, are the British equivalent of our “advice columnists” like Abigail Van Buren and Ann Landers. This column of Sir David’s, however, is not very much like theirs. People ask the most peculiar questions, like: Can I steal the stationery when I stay as a guest in a royal residence? How can I tell my houseguests that I want them to leave? Where can I get sunglasses like yours?



And Sir David answers them, with ponderous authority and dry humor.



Recently someone asked how to mask the fact that one has just farted in public.



Sir David’s solution to the problem is perfect, and I will be sure to use it in future.



While you’re in the act of farting, just turn to the person closest to you and shout “Stop it!”



You won’t find advice like that in your local paper.




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