Sunday blog: “Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen”



Here in southern New England, this is officially the last weekend of summertime. No matter that the September and October weather is generally spectacular: summer is over. Put away the beach umbrella and the topsiders.



Silly, I know. But it’s also back-to-school, and the end of vacation season. The humid heat of summertime is (mostly) behind us now.



So, I thought, maybe something sweet and sentimental for today.



This song was written circa 1500 by Heinrich Isaac. It’s a poignant little farewell to his beloved hometown Innsbruck – or so I always believed; it turns out, upon research, that Isaac was originally from the Low Countries, and lived and traveled all over Europe during this lifetime.



Whatever. You can choose to believe whatever you like. The tune’s over five hundred years old, for god’s sake! Bach used it in one of his chorales! And this performance is lovely. And the images of Innsbruck are lovely. I’ve never been there, but Partner has, and this video brought back some nice memories for him









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