Cherry blossoms in September


It’s happening again this year.



Walking to work yesterday morning, I could see a filmy white cloud around some of the trees on the far side of the Providence River, as if they were in bloom.



In late September!



Ridiculous, right?



I saw them close up later yesterday morning.  Yup.  In bloom, and lovely as an April day.



In late September!



Waiting for the shuttle yesterday evening, I was examining the shrubbery nearby: some low-growing azalea-like thing.  And oh my dears it was plumb full of flower buds.



I know I wrote about this last November.  And I am a broken record on this subject anyway.



But the bloody climate is changing.  Isn’t it obvious? The plants are confused. They’re blooming at inappropriate times.



Back in the Northwest where I grew up, flowers bloomed deep into November and December; it was a gentler climate.  Those of you who are familiar with New England know that, while September and October can be (and usually are) glorious, they also (usually) grow gradually colder day by day.  I even remember seeing snow on the grass in October once or twice.



But that was quite a while back.



What can we do about this? Nothing, probably.  This is one of my “hopeless glance into a dark unfriendly future” blogs, in case you can’t tell.



The change will continue.  Maybe in a hundred years the Yukon and Nunavut will be garden spots.  (And maybe Copenhagen and New Orleans and poor low-lying Providence will be under water.)  Maybe Canada and Siberia will become the breadbaskets of the world.  (And maybe Cape Cod and the Elizabeth Islands will be washed away.)



Not to mention that I don’t do so well in warm weather.



Probably it’s a good thing that I won’t be around for much longer.  I’d be complaining incessantly.


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