Parental warning: this is a review of a completely hair-raising show which leaves nothing nothing NOTHING to the imagination.   Read on at your peril.






“Gigolos” is a Showtime reality show (now in its second season!) about a group of expensive male escorts – they insist on calling themselves “gigolos,” thus the title – in Las Vegas.  No, it’s not what you think; they only escort women.  They are attractive; I am especially taken by Nick, who is roguish and heavily tattooed, although Vinnie – young, shaven head, nice body, cheerful – is very nice too. 



But don’t worry, there’s something for everyone.  There’s Jimmy, dark hair and dark eyes, who seemed relatively normal during the first season, but who has shown signs of dissatisfaction with his chosen career in Season Two (Partner and I caught him in a supporting role in a silly gay-romance movie on Logo this summer, so I think Jimmy must have diverse interests, or at least a broad point of view).  There’s Steven, nice-looking but a little peculiar, who was the sad outsider in Season One (he talked about his “moral code” a couple of times, which seems strange for a male prostitute), but who has swapped roles with Jimmy this season, and is now the nice even-tempered guy of the group.  Then there’s Brace – older, bleach-blond, weathered-looking, handsome, with probably the best body of the lot – who talks about himself in the third person a lot, and has serious ego issues.




The show is produced by Richard Grieco (remember “21 Jump Street”?  Remember “A Night at the Roxbury”?).  It is sometimes scripted, like all reality TV – “Steven needs extra money, so the other guys help out,” blah blah blah.  But then there are the women, the real-life women, who hire these guys, and pay them mucho dinero to have sex with them, and who allow themselves to be filmed in the act, in the most outrageous possible situations (and positions).




A recent article in the New Yorker called reality television the “television of television.”   I think I understand.  I have my RuPaul habit, and I find myself giggling spontaneously during the day over some drag-queen witticism.  As if it’s real!  As if a drag-queen competition has any resemblance to everyday life!



Hey.  “Gigolos” is a show about guys who have sex for money.



This is as real as it gets, babe.




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