For Sunday: “David Watts,” by the Kinks


This is a shout-out to my old friend Joanne, who introduced me to the Kinks.  Before I knew Joanne, I was familiar with a few of their songs –  “Lola” and “Apeman,” anyway –  but Joanne dragged me to a Kinks concert in 1978 in Lowell, Massachusetts, and they were wonderful.  They sang a mix of old and new: they sang “Superman” (which was new at the time), and they did an encore of “Ducks on the Wall” for old fans like Joanne.



We waited for them outside, and they greeted us – Ray Davies did, anyway – and he signed everything Joanne threw at him (including a copy of “Pippi Longstocking”).  He was indefatigable



This is a favorite song of Joanne’s, I know.  After long listening, it’s a favorite song of mine too.






David_Watts.mp3 Listen on Posterous



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2 Responses to For Sunday: “David Watts,” by the Kinks

  1. Village Green Preservation Society and Waterloo Sunset….two of the greatest pop songs of all time.

    And the video for Predictable…one of the funniest videos in the old days when MTV WAS videos. (It’s on Youtube last time I checked.)

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