For Sunday: “Here I Go Again,” by Whitesnake



As a young person, I loved popular music; then I got away from it for a long time.  Now I am relearning it (I’m getting a crash course in 1980s music from the videos they show at my health club), and I like a lot of stuff I never thought I would.



My work acquaintance Apollonia is on her own musical vision quest.  Her favorites are:



Anything on the soundtrack of any of the eighty-five “Twilight” movies;

Any song that mentions the names “Edward” or “Bella” (see above);

Emo (whatever that is);

Power ballads.


Well, we agree on that one. How can you not love power ballads?  The hair!  The guitars!  And they always (or almost always) begin quietly, almost classically, with keyboards and muted strings.  



Then we cue the crashing guitar chords.



This video is for Apollonia. I saw it on the treadmill television the other night and found it very stimulating.



I hope you like it too.







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