Rush Limbaugh


Rush Limbaugh apologized on Saturday for calling Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute.”



Well, you could have knocked me over with a bulldozer, as Dorothy Parker said.



You know the story: Fluke testified very passionately before a Democratic congressional panel about contraception as an aspect of women’s health care.  Rush intemperately demonized her, making it sound as if Fluke was popping birth-control pills uncontrollably and demanding Federal funding to pay for it.



The public turned on him. In his traditional style, he doubled down and stuck out his chin and dared the public to come get him.



And they – correction, we – did.



Petitions.  Social media. Bad press.  Bill O’Reilly tried to side with Rush the other night, and I think it actually made matters worse; it poured even more fuel on the fire, and made them both look incredible incivil and stupid.



And then the sponsors began to peel away.  Carbonite.  Sleep Train.  Sleep Number.  LegalZoom.  Citrix.  Quicken Loans.



See? If you want to punish a Republican, you take away the only thing he understands and respects: money. 



I’m sure Clear Channel was very quick to go to Rush and give him the bad news: Apologize, babe.  The jig is up.  Glenn Beck got canned by Fox, and when was the last time you saw or heard anything from him?  (He’s still around, and I know he still has a Tea Party / lunatic following, but he has nowhere near the audience he did once.)



Rush’s Saturday apology was thin and whiny and unsatisfying, but it was remarkable in that it’s really the first time he’s apologized for anything he’s said.



On Saturday morning, Mary Matalin said coolly that the liberals were silly to expect him to apologize; he’d never apologized for anything.



Surprise, surprise, Ms. Matalin!



I think this is really a by-product of the recent dust-up between the Susan Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood.  Komen tried to tighten the political screws on Planned Parenthood; people went nuts on the Internet about it; and overnight, Komen went from Everyone’s Favorite Pink Charity to the John Birch Society.  They pulled back, they retreated.  And now people have learned the power of the Internet and social media in mobilizing on these issues.



(By the way: I wonder how Komen’s fundraising is doing?  I bet a whole bunch of people have realized that, instead of wearing pink and doing 2K runs, they could actually be giving money to other worthwhile organizations.)



And, even after Rush’s “apology,” another of his advertisers, ProFlowers, pulled out on Sunday.  It’s almost as if they want nothing to do with him.



Buckle up, Rush. This may be only the beginning.



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10 Responses to Rush Limbaugh

  1. Bill says:

    Damn straight!! Keep the heat on him.

  2. Dear Loren, this post kept me busy alternating beween nodding and laughing. You really put it to the dip-shit. Incidentally, did you catch Barbara Bush’s comments on this year’s preliminary politicing? She thinks the viciousness this year is beyond the pale and the worst she has ever seen. Is she totally senile or was she just in a coma during W’s presidential campaigning? Talk about dirty. These days the presence of Barbara and Laura (and their spouses) nearly ruins my enjoyment of Astro and Ranger baseball games. And I consider it unforgiveable that neither could move her butt to attend the funeral of Betty Ford, who was twice the woman either of them will ever be!

    • One of my big problems here is that I try to keep these (moderately) short. But the hypocrisy, and silliness, and – what? lies? distortions? ridiculous assertions? – that keep flowing from the GOP! Barbara Bush loves to pretend that she’s a sweet old grandma, and that she’s shocked! shocked! by the venom flowing in the present campaign. And we all know that she’s full of, ehm, fertilizer.

  3. I should also congratulate you on comments concerning O’Reilly, Glen Beck, and the Komen foundation. You also mentioned one of my favorite, favorites: Dorothy Parker. I just love her observation that: “If you took dunking for apples and changed one letter in dunking, you’d have the story of my life.” Her comment upon hearing that Coolidge was dead is also a winner. She asked, “How could they tell?”
    Keep up the great work, I love your blog.

    • One of my favorites from DP, in a review of a play with (I think) Katharine Hepburn: “She ran the gamut of emotions from A to B.” Also, when someone held a door open for her and said “Age before beauty,” she went through the door, turned to the person, and said: “Pearls before swine.” Love her very much.

  4. Bird says:

    I’m not very political so I’m usually in the dark about these things. But I did laugh throughout your post… 🙂

    • It’s not just that I don’t agree with him. Rush is a bully, and I was bullied as a kid, and I don’t like bullies, and I like it when bullies get pantsed.

      • Bird says:

        lol!! I used to be heavily interested in politics, watching news channel voraciously, trolling the internet for the latest debate. It only frustrated me. People are all so very different, coming from so many different backgrounds and world views. No one side is ever completely right or ever completely wrong. Rush has said some things I agree with, but I simply can not stand arrogance and pride, so that taints even the things that he says that I do agree with.

      • Bird says:

        Oh, and I am sorry you were bullied as a kid. I find kids to be some of the meanest humans on earth, when left to their own devices…

  5. I’m not on Rush’s side. I’ve always been suspicious of him. Now, when he’s come out in the open as a bully and a liar, I’m delighted that he’s being targeted as a bully and a liar.

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