Mother Nature


I have a coworker named Amelia.  I have already stolen one of her stories for this blog.  I will not hesitate to steal another.



Her little boy, around four years old, said recently: “Mamma, it’s winter.  Why is there no snow?”



She said: “Well, it’s winter, but there’s not always snow.  Sometimes it snows and sometimes it doesn’t.”



He asked: “What makes it snow?”



She was very encouraged by this; this was a scientist’s question.  “Lots of things,” she said.  “Mother Nature uses all kinds of things: moisture, cold air – “



“Where does Mother Nature live?” he interrupted her.



Uh-oh, she thought. “Well, there’s not really – “ she began.



“Is she old?” the child said. “Does she sit in a rocking chair?”



(At this point in the story, I said: “Amelia, the correct answer to these questions is ‘Yes.’”)



(“I know,” she sighed.  “But I was still trying to explain –“)



This parenting thing is evidently very difficult.



Thank god I only have stuffed animals to worry about.  They believe whatever I tell them.


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