That virus that’s been going around


I had a nice bout of something viral and unpleasant last October.  Then I managed to catch a cold in December which lasted maybe two weeks.  Then I got sick again about six weeks ago, and Partner caught it from me, and we are still both hacking and coughing like madmen.



This is a bad cold season.



At least we don’t have the flu.  We were both vaccinated as soon as we could get the shots – in October, I think.   These latest maladies of ours are just miserable versions of the rhinovirus, or one of its relatives.



We have lots of mucus.  We cough a lot.  We are generally miserable and irritable and tired. I wash out my sinuses with a neti pot every night, and (very seriously) I have not had a sinus infection since doing this.  To be fair, I also use Flonase every day, which I’m sure also helps.



But Partner uses at least three times the medications I do, and he sounds much worse.



This is the way it goes: I almost always get sick first, and I bring it home, and naturally Partner catches it from me.  I hate being Typhoid Mary, but that’s the way it seems to go in our family.


My office is like a TB ward.  People are coughing and choking in all directions.  There’s not enough hand sanitizer to go around.  I hear horror stories about pneumonia and infections.  Our UPS driver, a bouncy musclebound guy with a shiny shaven head, was out for ten days.  “Prednisone!” he told me tremblingly.  “They put me on prednisone!  It was horrible!  I had nightmares every night!  I couldn’t even sleep, because the dreams were so bad!”  (I had always assumed – incorrectly – that prednisone was a female hormone.)  He was back for a few days, but now he’s out sick again.  Considering that most of the time he is the mostly overpoweringly healthy person I see in a given day, this is sort of terrifying.



Ah well.  It could be worse.  It might be H1N1 flu, and we could all be dead.



Now pardon me.  I need to gag for a while.


About Loren Williams
Gay, partnered, living in Providence, working at a local university. Loves: books, movies, TV. Comments and recriminations can be sent to

7 Responses to That virus that’s been going around

  1. Bird says:

    Sounds pretty gross…We’ve all been there before. Glad you guys didn’t die. 🙂

    — Bird

  2. Sounds horrible. Hope you both are well soon.

  3. Bill says:

    Wow! I almost felt like I should disinfect my keyboard after reading your horror story. Be well soon.

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