An aspirin a day keeps cancer at bay


 A new study shows that a low-dose aspirin a day keeps cancer at bay.



Sorry, I didn’t mean to rhyme.  But that’s what the study said.  A low-dose (under 100mg) aspirin once a day not only assists in ongoing cancer treatments, but seems to help in preventing cancer.



I love simple solutions to heavy problems.  If this will help, then by god I will do it.  My mother’s family (and Dad’s too) is rife with cancer; both my parents and both my sisters died of it.  If this will help, then I will by god do it.



That’s this year’s conclusion, of course.  Last year, it was found that the problems caused by aspirin (including internal bleeding) were significant enough for the medical authorities to caution people from taking the drug.



Internal bleeding?  Hell, that’s like a paper cut, or a scraped knee.  That’s an everyday occurrence for me.  If I lose the same amount of blood because of one aspirin, and I gain some traction against cancer, then sign me up!



(For now.  Until they find otherwise.)



(Remember my kidney stone?  Until very recently, doctors were recommending cranberry juice as a preventive measure against kidney stones. My student employee Noah, only last summer, told me that his father drinks gallons of the stuff for kidney stones, on the advice of his doctor. Now, however, there’s reason to believe that cranberry juice is (at best) useless, and (at worst) a contributor to kidney stones.)



(This is how medicine works: a step at a time.)



(We work with what we have.)


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