The travel checklist


About ten years ago, an Internet acquaintance came to visit New England.  He was a San Franciscan, very funny and witty (on the Internet, at least), and wanted to see Boston.



And he had a list.



He wanted to see the State House.  He wanted to see Mother Goose’s gravesite.  He wanted to see the Old North Church.



Literally.  See them. I still remember: we walked in front of the State House, and he said “check.”



See, he’d asked Internet “friends” what he should see in Boston.  They’d volunteered ideas, and he had made a list. And he was literally just “seeing” them. Mostly from a distance.



Recently, on Facebook, I saw this thing called “100 Places To See Before You Die.”  Being a world traveler and a sophisticate, I took the quiz.  I got 10%.  I have seen 10 of the 100 places they listed.



And then I thought: Well, Jesus!  I have seen Casablanca, and Tunis, and the Tophet in Carthage.  I have seen the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington state.  I have visited Cabo Rojo in Puerto Rico, and I have looked across the Caribbean at the misty shore of Hispaniola.  I’ve looked across from a café in Tangiers at the Rock of Gibraltar.  I have gone to the Hotel des Invalides in Paris and looked down at the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte.



Aren’t these enough?



Why do I need to check things off a generic list?  I’ve seen some amazing things that most people will probably never see.



And I didn’t just walk past them.  I stood and marveled at them. Most of the time I actually touched them.



So nyah.


About Loren Williams
Gay, partnered, living in Providence, working at a local university. Loves: books, movies, TV. Comments and recriminations can be sent to

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