Etsy is an interesting website on which craftsy people sell craftsy things: soap, jewelry, clothing, ceramics, jewelry, homegrown herbs, jewelry.



I like that the Internet has brought back a kind of corner-store mentality to the world.  I like seeing that people are making artisanal candles and selling them on the Web.



I only wish those craftsy people were getting rich. 



But most of them are not.



Back in the faraway 1990s, I used to sell lots of stuff on eBay: vintage phonograph records, books, memorabilia.  It did not make me rich, and it was often a pain in the keester.  Finally I gave it up.



A eFriend of mine crafts beautiful little accessory items and sells them on Etsy.  She spends hours making the items, and more hours photographing / describing / posting them.  She is not yet independently wealthy, however.  (Do yourself a favor and check out her things.  They are very pretty.  I myself have purchased two of her handcrafted necklaces, to give as gifts, and they were both very pretty.)



One of the other things I like about Etsy is that, when you join, it gives you a “taste test,” to see what kinds of things you like.  Kind of like being at the optician: this, or this? Except that it’s: chair, or necklace?  Pottery, or scarf?



Afterward, it gives you a list of things you might like.



The first time I took it, it recommended two basic categories of things to me: French Provincial furniture, and silver skull jewelry.



Go figure.



The Etsy algorithm knows my inner soul!



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3 Responses to Etsy

  1. kleeyaro says:

    I’m a crafter myself and had been selling my polymer clay original sculptures at craft fairs. But the cost of entry fees, the time involved and so forth just made it too expensive to continue. Which is a shame because I liked doing it and I did have some very appreciative customers.

    • It’s a shame. I used to hope that eBay would be a kind of low-overhead marketplace for home crafters / cottage-industry people; it didn’t pan out. Now Etsy is trying the same thing, with limited success. In Providence RI, where I live, there’s a huge community of crafters and artists (the design school RISD is here), and everyone is trying to break through. There’s a wonderful craft store downtown – lots of great stuff – but it’s overpriced.

      We’ll figure this out one of these days.

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