Rest in peace, Nora Ephron


So sorry to see another witty smart person go: Nora Ephron, who died just yesterday.



I love her novel “Heartburn.” Here are a couple of (inexact) excerpts:



“I was hired by the National Caper Council to develop a bunch of recipes including capers. For a month I put capers in everything including milkshakes, and I realized that everything that tasted good with capers tasted better without.”



Also (I paraphrase broadly on this one): the narrator is in the hospital, watching over her critically ill mother. The nurse comes in and covers her mother’s face with the blanket. “Our mother’s dead,” the nurse says warmly.



Narrator flares up. “She’s not our mother! She’s my mother! And – “



And all at once Mother sits up in bed, spreads her arms in triumph, and says:”Ta da!”



(And then dies shortly afterward.)



(Rest in peace, Nora. We will miss you, and your wit, and your warmth.)


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