Mitt Romney and his tax returns

I hate the last two months of a presidential election.

The ads are everywhere. I only thank Ganesha that I live in a non-swing state, where they’re not spending tons of money on ads. In Ohio and Florida, people must be committing suicide because of the political ads on TV.

Naturally the Romney ads, and statements, drive me bonkers. Only the other evening, on “Hardball,” I saw a Romney ad showing a white middle-class couple clucking in disapproval over Obama’s support of gay marriage. “That’s not the kind of change I had in mind,” they said, judgmentally.

Well, go f*** yourselves, imaginary political-ad married couple.

And then, the other day, Romney said, in advance of the debates, that Obama will lie. Isn’t it lovely to call your opponent a liar in advance of anything he’s said?

(Also – just a word about Paul Ryan. He is the male Sarah Palin, isn’t he? A younger, cuter Mitt Romney. His ideas amount to approximately nada; economists – real economists, that is – have looked at his “budget plan” and shown it to be completely unrealistic and naïve. We’re supposed to take him seriously? Check out Paul Krugman – a Nobel Prize-winning economist – on the subject.)

(But I digress.)

Let’s talk about Mitt Romney, the business candidate.

Where I work, we do background checks on prospective employees. The higher-level they are, the more we want to know. If they’re being hired into positions with financial authority, we want to know as much as possible about their background, and often run a credit check.

(Did Mitt Romney’s various companies do the same? I will wager that they did. It’s silly not to, isn’t it?)

But Mitt Romney won’t release his tax returns, because the Obama campaign might use them against him.



Well, not if they’re honest. Because, if they’re honest, how could they be a problem?

Unless there are some problems. Or inconsistencies. Or . . .


Oh Mitt Mitt Mitt.

Vote Obama, kids.


About Loren Williams
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