Another blog to follow: Scott Gatty’s “Who Knows Where Or When”

I have begun, once in a while, to feature other bloggers I enjoy. I will feature Oma, one of my very favorites, in a future column: she’s a gardener (which is +100 points on my scorecard) who lives in an English cottage (“Can we visit her? Can we stay with her?” Partner wants to know), and she takes wonderful photos, and she writes nice fiction too, and you should follow her.

And I recently featured another of my favorites, Attila Ovari. He’s an Australian husband/father who writes about management, and family, and many other topics; he’s also wonderful, and you should follow him.

Today I want to feature whoknowswhereorwhen.

He is on Tumblr. His name is Scott Gatty (he’s like me, he uses his full name on his website). He is a gardener and photographer and all kinds of other things. He also writes very well. This is from his Tumblr profile:

The thing that has fascinated me most in life is Time, the passage of it and my relationship to it as I age.



I was born in 1957, and as each year goes by, I find out more events that took place in that splendiferous year: the first artificial satellite was put into orbit by the Commies and set off a panic here; the first Pink Flamingo lawn ornament rolled off the assembly line; “The Cat in the Hat” was first published, by Dr. Seuss; Burt Bacharach joined with lyricist Hal David to create some wonderful songs; and, five days after I was born, John Lennon was introduced to Paul McCartney. Kinda neat, eh? . . .




I love the plant world – sometimes, I think, as if I actually were part of it. They’re the other major form of life with which we share this planet, but very few people treat plants with the dignity and respect they deserve. I remind people: we need them, they don’t need us.




I think we’re the same person in alternate universes; he got to be a gardener (which, because I live in an apartment, is forbidden to me) and I want to be a photographer and he is a photographer, and we’re both very aware of time, and we were both born in 1957, and . . .

But anyway.

Follow his blog.

More recommendations soon.

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5 Responses to Another blog to follow: Scott Gatty’s “Who Knows Where Or When”

  1. starproms says:

    Thank you for the mention Loren. I’m smiling because I’m flattered but also because we share a love of plants. I read through your post and one sentence stuck out. That is ‘Plants don’t need us but we need them’. I’ve never thought about it like that but you are SO right. In fact I suppose they would be better off without us, though I hate to admit that. Prince Charles, over in England, talks to his plants and enjoys his organic garden very much. I’m sure he’s right to do so. They do listen, I’m sure; and they know when we care about them. Most of my plants thrive and throw and multiply and I think it is because I love them and want them to do well.
    I shall enjoy checking out the blogs you mention, thank you and also want to tell you that I’m enjoying experiencing our friendship grow. You and partner are very welcome to visit me in my virtual cottage as and when the fancy takes you both.

    • Invitation gladly received. Look out. You never know when we might descend. (We travel rarely, so you’re pretty safe.)

      Your blog is a joy – recipes, photos, and all. I have not yet finished your novel (I keep getting distracted), but we are taking a long plane flight soon, so I think I will make it my vacation-travel reading project.

      As for plants: they make life worthwhile. And we need them MUCH more than they need us. My mother (like Prince Charles) talked to her plants incessantly, and they grew like wildfire.

      Are you still in Tennessee, or back in England?

  2. John says:

    Loren, a word of caution for anyone who has tried to contact the gentleman behind this blog you are featuring. He craves attention very much but he has his reservations. He only communicates through his blog posts and beware of raising your expectations about ever meeting him. He disappears all of the sudden. Anti-social? Double-life? Who knows? Lastly, he is not a photographer. I am. Best of luck!

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