For Sunday: Gary Numan sings about “Cars”


This is one of those bizarre 1980s songs that we thought (in those days) were ultra-hip: Gary Numan paces around like a mad scientist wearing heavy mascara, under unflattering neon lighting, delivering nasal paranoid lyrics, while the rest of the band members stare at him without emotion.


I think maybe it is ultra-hip.





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4 Responses to For Sunday: Gary Numan sings about “Cars”

  1. starproms says:

    The 80’s escaped me almost completely I’m afraid Loren. I was so busy bringing up the boys that the music scene remained hidden from my tired eyes. However, it is nice to enjoy it now and although this is not my favourite song by Gary Numan, it is good to hear it again 🙂

    • I’m just sort of fascinated by the lights, and the makeup. Also the song has a hook, which (as we know) is very important. Supposedly Gary was driving through a bad part of town and encountered some toughs, and locked his doors – and voila! The song.

  2. kleeyaro says:

    My memories of this song, besides MTV, are hearing it during a laser light show with car shapes projected on the dome of the planetarium.

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