Partner and I have gone through a lot of coffeemakers. We did the espresso pot (which was my baby, born of my North African experience), but you really have to love espresso, and Partner doesn’t. We’ve done Mr. Coffee at least twice, but you know how mediocre Mr. Coffee coffee can be. Also French press (which is a lot of work). Also a percolator, for a brief time.

Now I think we’ve found something that works for both of us.

I’ve had the Keurig system in the office for a number of years. My boss loved it, and (though it cost a lot of money) he insisted that we stick with it. The coffee, I admit, is very good. You make it a cup at a time, and you choose what coffee you make, as there are lots of different K-cup pods (depending on what you purchase). And it’s really mostly very good.

Partner and I had a gift certificate, and made up our minds to take the plunge.

Well, the home Keurig machine is wonderful.

First of all, the machine is adorable. It has a dim blue light playing around it when it’s active. It makes a soft crick-crick noise as it’s brewing coffee, like a cricket chirping. It’s sort of adorable.

Partner likes his coffee a bit milder; I like mine dark. We have already discovered preferred brands: his is Green Mountain Nantucket, and I am gravitating toward Caribou.

And both of us can have what we like!

It’s Utopia!

We can have tea, or cider, or chocolate. I have ordered a box of decaf, as I know that more than two or three cups of strong coffee turn me into a quivering wreck. Partner has ordered some chamomile tea, for sleepless evenings.

And we can keep exploring. Every coffee and tea manufacturer in the universe – Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Twinings – is into this. They put out variety packs, so that you can try different blends and focus on your favorites.

Caveat: it’s kind of expensive. The coffeemaker was $160. A box of 20 K-cups (which equal 20 cups of coffee) is more or less $12.00, depending on how rich your tastes are. (Of course, if you were used to buying your coffee from Starbucks, this is a huge savings.)

But here’s the thing: both Partner and I are enjoying our morning coffee now, in a way we weren’t before.

Isn’t that worth something?

Think about it, you coffee-drinkers.

About Loren Williams
Gay, partnered, living in Providence, working at a local university. Loves: books, movies, TV. Comments and recriminations can be sent to

One Response to Keurig

  1. starproms says:

    As a tea drinker, I found that fascinating. I do drink coffee but it has to be instant. I don’t like the flavour of bitter, strong coffee. You two are quite discerning and I can understand that. I am not a fussy eater, but I am a fussy drinker. Tea has to be just so, same with coffee. I always stick to the same brand. I try others but I always come back to the same one. I hope you’re enjoying the French variety?

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