My new profile photo

ljw new profile pic 2012

I have been using the same profile picture online for some years now. Regardez:



It was taken at an office holiday party. I was feeling very elegant in my dark coat that evening, and probably I’d had a few drinks, which explains the serene expression. And, if you look carefully, you’re notice that I’m wearing a iParty necklace made of brightly-colored little plastic fruits and vegetables.

A little dignity, a little frivolity.

Well, I liked the picture. I had it made into postage stamps by Zazzle, a company which will turn just about any (non-obscene) picture into authentic U.S. postage, but they halted my order and asked me: was I sure this was me? Was I sure this wasn’t a pirated photo of some celebrity?

That was irritating, but also very flattering.

But that was five, or six, or seven years ago. One has aged. One no longer wears glasses like that. Also, one’s complexion has grown a little puffy and pale. Also, one fancies the clever little hipster hat that one purchased outside the Moulin Rouge in Paris last October.

Browsing through our vacation pics from France, I hit upon this one, taken by Partner while we were at Disneyland Paris:

ljw new profile pic 2012

It’s got everything: the hipster hat, the hipster glasses. I’m even smiling, if a little weakly. And, if you look carefully, you’ll see a certain sagginess and puffiness. It shows that I’m older and grayer.

It’s poifect.

Look for my aging image on this new Internet thing!


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