Happy (belated) birthday, Ludwig van Beethoven

beethoven schroeder

Beethoven’s birthday was a few days.

How do I know this? Why, the dear late Charles Schulz, of course.

Charles Schulz was the artist behind the comic strip “Peanuts.” He created the character Schroeder, who played his toy piano as if it were a grand piano, and who especially appreciated the music of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Schulz said later that he loved the idea of a child playing real music on a toy piano, and he showed this by showing Schroeder playing the actual (complex) Beethoven scores. You can always identify the music that Schroeder is playing; Schulz reproduces it perfectly, note for note.

And every December Schroeder remembered and celebrated Beethoven’s birthday, on the seventeenth of December.

Was Beethoven really born on the seventeenth of December? No one is sure. He was baptized on the seventeenth, in any case.

In belated honor of Beethoven’s birth (and baptism): the lovely ethereal opening movement of the late E major piano sonata No. 30, op. 109.



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