For Sunday: Derek and the Dominos sing “Layla”


This is one of the great rock songs of all time. I grew up with it on the radio all the time, and didn’t really notice it all that much. Now I listen to it, and I think: Wow!

It was written by Eric Clapton, because he was in love with George Harrison’s wife Pattie.


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6 Responses to For Sunday: Derek and the Dominos sing “Layla”

  1. One of the greats. Happy Sunday morning!

  2. starproms says:

    I saw Eric Clapton when he was playing with The John Mayall Blues Band. They played in a large marquee in my local park, way back when. I had no idea at the time how great Eric Clapton would become. When I saw aforesaid, it was 1966, just remembered and way before Layla came out but I remember the night. It was great. Wish I could revisit.
    Love Layla, never get fed up with that one.

    • Never saw Eric Clapton, and would love to.

      My only close encounter with a famous musician: the Kinks were in the US in 1978 (when they were in a dry spell), and a friend dragged me to the concert, and they were great – and we waited backstage and met them after the concert. Ray Davies was hysterically funny, and he signed everything my friend gave him, even her copy of “Pippi Longstocking.” I will always respect him for treating a fan so well.

      • starproms says:

        Ahh that’s so nice. I’ve always been a fan of the Kinks, especially Ray Davies. I saw the Kinks once and Ray Davies quite recently when he was doing a solo tour. He is very talented – the John Lennon of the group if you know what I mean. Love their music too. I was lucky to be just the right age over here when the Beatles, Kinks, Who and Rolling Stones etc. were just getting famous.

      • Ray Davies was perfectly lovely to my friend. Dave, his brother, on the other hand, charged past us as if he were enraged. (Which my friend pretty much expected, apparently.)

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