The Little Golden Book of Words

golden book of words cover

Brain Pickings, a website which curates interesting books and info, recently featured a children’s book: The Little Golden Book of Words, first published in 1948.

It’s no longer available, unless you can find an old copy on eBay or a similar site.

But it’s precious.

It is beautifully designed and written and drawn, first of all. Here’s the “things to do” page, very straightforward:

 golden words things to do

Then it becomes a little more distant from the present. Here’s how to tell the time of day:

 golden words times of day

Hmm. Maybe a little rural.

Best of all: here are the days of the week.

 golden words week

Can you imagine explaining this to a modern child? And here’s a better question: do you, the reader, understand what these drawings mean?

There was a time when these were universally understood. Monday was washday, Tuesday ironing day, et cetera. And, best of all, Sunday we all trooped off to church. (And that looks like a very Protestant group to me, somehow.)

It all seems very quaint now. The assumptions we made! And the ideas we had!

It makes you wonder: what assumptions are we making right now, that will seem silly and irrelevant fifty or sixty years from now?

Time will tell.

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2 Responses to The Little Golden Book of Words

  1. starproms says:

    Well I’m afraid I’m still doing those things, except scrubbing the floor. I use a mop! I don’t have a mangle, but my mum did – until a bit of it flew off and nearly killed her.
    Very interesting lookings today, thank you.

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