Eagles eating seagulls; or, the Circle of Life

eagles eating seagulls

Nature is fun, isn’t it, kids? And so lovely! You’ve got your bunnies, and pretty flowers, and dear little deer prancing through the woods.

Also you’ve got animals eating one another.

From a recent Sierra Club email:

This Sunday morning we’ll be going to Swan Point Cemetery on the East Side of Providence for our “Eagles Eating Seagulls” outing. Swan Point is one of the best birding spots in Rhode Island and along with our regular winter feathered friends, we could be fortunate to see some rare finches that have come into the area this winter and hopefully the bald eagles that regularly come down to hunt along the Seekonk River. We are lucky to have locally renowned environmentalist Greg Gerritt to lead the outing.

Yes, we will be lucky to have Greg Gerritt to lead the outing. Luckier than a few seagulls I can think of.

Now, mind you, the Swan Point Cemetery is actually very lovely; it’s very old, and looks out over the Seekonk River. But there’s something peculiarly ironic about going to a cemetery to watch bald eagles rend and devour seagulls.

I never liked seagulls much. They’re big and fat, generally – they eat garbage, and seem to thrive on it – and are entirely appetite-driven. Also, they seem mentally challenged at times. More than once I’ve seen them perch near a person sitting on the ground and sneak up on them, as if they’re going to mess them up and take their lunch.

They are menaces in outdoor restaurants, especially in Rhode Island, especially in summertime; they land on your table and stare at your food.

But they don’t deserve to be ripped up by bald eagles, American national bird or not.

I’m thinking about going vegetarian. How about you?


About Loren Williams
Gay, partnered, living in Providence, working at a local university. Loves: books, movies, TV. Comments and recriminations can be sent to futureworld@cox.net.

2 Responses to Eagles eating seagulls; or, the Circle of Life

  1. starproms says:

    yes! if you lived here Loren, you’d be listening to the news all about horsemeat in our readymade foods. It’s a big scandal and the government are trying to find out who is putting horsemeat into everything. I’ll let you know what they find out. I’m sure you can’t wait to hear!!!? Perhaps we should start eating seagulls instead. There are plenty of them here too.

    • I’ve been reading about the horsemeat scandal for some days now. I first ate horsemeat (knowingly) in Morocco in 1984. It was very good. I’ve never had a problem with it since. The problem, of course, is that horses are given drugs and medications that aren’t allowed for cows and goats and sheep and such, which shouldn’t be passed on to human beings.

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