Salt, and MSG, and lead: Joe Jackson sings “Everything Gives You Cancer”

salt msg

I read lots of different publications. I read Reader’s Digest, which is very cheerful, but is also very conservative. I also read Mother Jones, which is unashamedly liberal. I read the Atlantic, and New York Magazine, and the Financial Times . . .

Well, I tell you, it’s exhausting.

It’s especially exhausting to figure out their takes on various issues.

Salt, for example. Reader’s Digest recently excerpted an article from the New York Times (!) which showed that maybe salt isn’t as bad as we’ve been bad as we’ve been led to believe.

To be sure: any nutrient, in excess, is bad for you. But how much is too much much? We’ve been told over the last few decades that we eat too much salt, and it’s killing us: hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease.

Except maybe the research studies aren’t supportive of this.

O dear!

Monosodium glutamate? Also not necessarily a killer, according to a British book I read recently. (Of course, they said that salt was the real villain.)

And a recent article in Mother Jones found widespread lead poisoning in urban areas, which seemed to correlate to areas of elevated crime, etc.

Sing it, Joe Jackson!

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2 Responses to Salt, and MSG, and lead: Joe Jackson sings “Everything Gives You Cancer”

  1. starproms says:

    Oh tell me about it! I’m bounds to agree. It’s just the same over here. One day butter is bad for you, the next day, it’s good for you. The latest thing over here is processed meat, which includes ham and bacon. Apparently they shorten your life! Well, I’ll take my chances thank you.

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