Papal election update

pope shoes

A surprising number of my friends and acquaintances are paying attention to the Papal election. One of them wants me to be the new Pope (I’m a baptized Catholic, so I’m eligible). Another wants the Roman church to go the Anglican route: an African church, a South American church, etc.



Maybe I’m wrong, but this will not be a brief conclave. I see a couple of opposing forces here, as follow:



–         A retiring Pope, who thinks it’s within his power to name a successor;

–         A College of Cardinals whose members know very well that the outgoing Pope has no such power;

–         A largely Third World congregation, which would love to see a black or Hispanic Pope;

–         A strongly European Church hierarchy, which thinks that the Catholic Church is still a European entity.






The funniest part of this is that Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley (from Ohio), is being touted (by the local Boston / Providence media) as a frontrunner. Well, nothing’s impossible. But, really: an American Pope? I doubt it.



Same for an African Pope, or a white South African Pope. Not much of a chance.



Shortly after Benedict’s resignation announcement, the Vatican leaked the implication that this would be a quick conclave; there’d be a Benedict-approved candidate (probably the Italian Cardinal Scola), and the cardinals would vote for a day or two, and it’d be over.



But I just don’t think so.



But then again, it’s all in God’s hands, isn’t it, kids?



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3 Responses to Papal election update

  1. starproms says:

    I’ve just heard the news on the TV. I think it’s a good choice and I hope I’m right. Let’s hope the red shoes fit!

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