Bears of the USA


Bears are back in New England!



A bear was sighted in North Kingstown, Rhode Island only a few days ago. And there have been bears sighted on Cape Cod too. (Which is interesting, because they’d either have to clamber over one of the two bridges to the Cape, or ride on top of a vehicle to get there. Or swim. Or ride a floating log across the Cape Cod Canal. Or commandeer someone’s Humvee. But nothing’s impossible.)



Well, it’s like the Middle Ages around here.  The bear here in Rhode Island knocked over a chicken coop and made off with one of the chickens!



Our stuffed polar bear, Carbuncle, has his own thoughts on the subject. (Carbuncle, you might recall, won the Financial Times crossword puzzle contest about a year ago. This is a picture of him wandering the neighborhood last winter):



carbuncle winter


First of all: Carbuncle is glad that the bears are back. He’s less lonely now.



Second: Carbuncle wonders what kind of bears are back. Polar bears? Probably not. Ah well. Less competition for those tasty seals:


bear and seal



Also: will this mean less pick-a-nick baskets for Carbuncle to steal from friends and neighbors?



I direct you to the following cartoon for more information:




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4 Responses to Bears of the USA

  1. starproms says:

    So glad you subscribe to the pro on here because I enjoy the cartoons so much! The white bear is lovely and very endearing with only one eye. I shall be receiving my cuddly toys from America in due course. There are so many of them in the ‘family’, I have no idea where I’m going to put them all.

    • You can never have enough. Once in a while we say: “You know, we don’t have a stuffed buffalo,” or “We really need a killer whale.”

      • starproms says:

        Yes, well I have a menagerie too and I don’t know where I’m going to put them all. In America they were in a hammock hanging from the ceiling! At Easter I parted with a bunny rabbit (mother and baby). I took them to a charity shop. They put it in the window. Every day I walked past and saw it! I thought ‘if it’s still there after Easter, I’m buying it back!’ There is NO hope for me, is there? Luckily, it did sell. Now I’m wondering if it went to a good home!

      • I gave away two little bears to two little girls (the daughters of a coworker) in the office this week. I think they went to a good home.

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