Fisher cats

fisher cat

Fisher cats are Mustelidae, like weasels and minks. They are the size of small dogs, and they have sharp vicious teeth. They are loners except in the spring, when they form packs.



And they are, apparently, all over Rhode Island.



The east side of Providence is now on Fisher Cat Alert. Here’s an email I received from a local source:



A neighbor just told me that there was a small pack of Fisher Cats out on our street (Everett Avenue) last night around 10 pm. They hissed at her. Also she saw a larger pack of them outside Waterman Grille a few nights ago. The manager has to go out to get them so people could get to their cars. She told me she heard that a woman walking her dog after dark on the blvd recently was approached by the pack and when they approached her dog she kicked at them. She ended up getting her foot mangled. I don’t know if the police are aware of this but these animals are dangerous to small pets and their owners.




Before now, I was wary of skunks (which you can smell a mile away), and possums (one hissed at me once, a few years ago, from a neighbor’s doorstep, in the twilight), and raccoons.



But fisher cats?



What next? Siberian tigers?


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4 Responses to Fisher cats

  1. I’ve never seen a fisher cat but oh my gosh, I am fascinated by them. I can’t believe they form packs! There were a few in the suburban/rural area where I grew up and rumor has it they kill small dogs and cats and probably toddlers. I’m on the West Side and I don’t think we have any here (chances are good our rats are too vicious for them) but I’ll keep my ear to the ground. Thanks for the report!

    Amelia (iveneverheardofyou on tumblr)

    • There have been less reports over the past week or so, thank goodness. Yes, they appear to go after small animals, including cats and dogs. There’s lots of food around right now – squirrels, possums, mice, voles, etc. I hope I don’t see any fisher cats in person – especially if they’re in packs.

  2. I read about them somewhere. Cannot recall where but thought they sounded pretty horrific!

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