Meat sweats

meat sweats

Apollonia told me recently that one of her sons had a little disturbance after having dinner at her house. “I don’t know, Ma,” he said. “Maybe it’s the meat sweats.”

Meat sweats?

I have done some research on this, and if you want to have a good time with Google, you should do the same. Just do a search for the phrase “meat sweats” and see what comes up.

Long story short: people who eat a lot of meat at one sitting often begin to feel very warm, and then they begin to perspire.  Picture the contestants in a hot-dog eating contest, or somebody in one of those restaurants that give you another five-pound burger for free if you finish your first one.  In your mind, they’re sweating, aren’t they? Of course they are.

There are lots of explanations. Myself, I get a funny choking feeling if I eat a lot of beef; it turns out to be something called “esophageal stricture,” which can be caused by lots of things, including eating too much meat. Also, your body metabolizes protein differently, and large amounts of protein can activate all kinds of strange processes . . .

But no. Most doctors agree that there’s no such thing as “meat sweats.” It’s a symptom of fullness; your body is signaling to you that it’s full, and no more food is necessary.

So let’s have some dessert.

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4 Responses to Meat sweats

  1. starproms says:

    Hmm well I was amazed at how much meat Americans eat when I was over there – much more than here in England. Also the portion sizes are enormous. I think pure meat is hard to digest. It takes longer and is definitely not to be eaten after 6 o’clock in the evening. In Ireland they eat a lot of meat too. I’m sure it makes people big and strong but it is very hard on the digestive system.
    I was in a restaurant once over there – Outback Steak House I think it was, and a man in there was complaining that his steak wasn’t as big as the rest of the steaks that his companions were eating. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. We could all do with eating a little less, couldn’t we.

    • Funny you should mention it – we were at Outback the other night. Partner had prime rib, which he adores, and I had this new thing they do – they cut a steak up into three smaller pieces and serve them with different sauces. I enjoyed it, because frankly I don’t eat steak very often. I grew up on it; we had it probably four times a week when I was growing up. You’re right of course – we overdo it. I think I feel another blog coming on about eating too much meat . . .

      • starproms says:

        Isn’t it amazing how we bloggers inspire each other? Your blogs often inspire me to write on a specific subject. My favourite at Outback is the steak with prawns and a delicious sauce. They do wonderful carrots there. Have you tried them? All their fresh veg. is delicious. I usually eat it with a jacket potatoes with sour cream and chives on top. Mmmmm (Jacket to me is baked to you, in case you didn’t know). When over there I have problems with the language! I ask for the prawn steak with a jacket potatoe (blank looks)sour cream and chive sauce and a shandy (more blank looks). A shandy is half lemonade, half beer and the best beer to have is a Newcastle Brown (in a bottle). You could try it one day only you’ll have to make it yourself. Ask for two glasses, one lemonade (no ice, definitely no ice) and a bottle of Newcastle Brown. ps you don’t need ice in the lemonade because it dilutes it too much and also because the lemonade is very cold already. I’ll shut up now!
        pps your three steak menu sounds nice, very nice.

      • Shandy sounds very good also. They do have Newcastle Brown most places here; I’ll try it next time I’m out.

        Steak restaurants are everywhere here now. I think it’s the new idea of luxurious dining.

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