For the first day of summer 2013: A taste of winter


I like to commemorate special days, and the first day of summer – today, by the calendar – is a special day.



I’ve lived in Rhode Island for almost thirty-five years, but I – a child of the cool foggy Pacific Northwest – still haven’t accustomed myself to the steamy uncomfortable summers here. I suffer (mostly in silence) for about two months, from late June to late August, while we fluctuate between hot / warm / humid / stormy / insufferable.



So here are some photos from last winter’s snow.



I hope you find them refreshing.



See you next January, when the world is cool and quiet again.














About Loren Williams
Gay, partnered, living in Providence, working at a local university. Loves: books, movies, TV. Comments and recriminations can be sent to

8 Responses to For the first day of summer 2013: A taste of winter

  1. Wish you still lived in ilwaco! That would be fun for us. The snow is sure pretty but isn’t it awfully slippery?

    • I sometimes long for the Northwest too – especially on days like today, when it’s over ninety and humid, and the air is stale and unpleasant. As I told Oma in England in another comment, I love the winters here – I like the snow – although, as I get older. the icy sidewalks are getting more and more scary, for Partner and for myself.

  2. starproms says:

    Oh beautiful, really beautiful. Aren’t the houses gorgeous? Very like Norway I’d say and you have shops! Do you have a mall as well? Do you say it mall as in ball or mall as in mal(content). You had such a lot of snow. Is it a dry cold or a wet cold? I imagine when you were in the pacific north-west, it was very like here in England? We have wet, cold winters and wet, windy, cold summers. Occasionally we have sunshine and we bask in it, but when I was in Tennessee I couldn’t bear the heat. I found it unbearable, truly.

    • I like the winter here. This is a nice little neighborhood with older houses, and there’s a little shopping district at the end of our street – ideal for someone like me who doesn’t drive a car. And not a day passes that I don’t look around the neighborhood and think about how pretty it is here.

      The winters in Rhode Island tend to be very cold, with lots of ice and snow. I like it, because it’s so different from those endless Northwest winters of rain and fog. In all my childhood I remember only a few really good snowfalls. (Still not crazy about the ice, though; it’s getting too easy to slip and fall.)

      The summers are atrocious here. Today was over ninety degrees (32 to you), and very humid. It was like a dirty fishbowl. And tomorrow is supposed to be worse. I’m still not used to these summers, even after thirty-five years.

      • starproms says:

        How interesting. I only drive when I really have to and avoid it whenever possible. I’m too afraid of hurting other people and ruining the atmosphere. Here in England it’s not so important to drive as over there. In your neighbourhood it looks similar. As long as you can get to the shops, you can walk along the sidewalks and look at the flowers or the weeds. I would like that. That is just what I would like to do and you can say ‘hello’ to the people you pass by. Much more friendly, I would say.
        I say again, those houses are gorgeous. In summer or winter, they are really pretty. Shame about the heat and the humidity. Here where I live it very rarely gets above 74 degs even in the summer, sometimes up to 82 but we have very little humidity in summer and when we do, everyone moans like crazy, gets headaches and feels lethargic. Then the storm breaks and it’s ok again. In Tennessee there was high humidity and a storm almost every afternoon. It was hard for me to deal with.

      • I’m a terrible driver – very nervous behind the wheel – so I just stopped renewing my license in the 1980s. I’ve arranged my life so that I can get to work, and shop, etc., without too much trouble; also, Partner has a car, so we can go a little farther afield if we need to. And I like walking besides, like you.

        The last two days have been terrible here: hot and very humid. I haven’t left the office during the day (usually I go for a walk at lunchtime). It’s supposed to be a little better for the rest of the week . . .

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