The fragility of hardware

fragility of hardware

We love our devices, don’t we? Our laptops, and smartphones, and tablets. I have all three, and I marvel at how well they work.



Also I marvel at how pretty they are. Every evening I plug my iPhone in to charge, and it lies there pulsing with green light like a fragment of kryptonite, and I think: how lovely!



But how fragile also.



A few weeks ago, I was taking pictures in a field of weeds with my iPhone. I leaned down for a closeup of some Japanese knotweed, and –



Oops! Flip! Crash!



I’ve dropped my phone at least a dozen times before, and I’ve always been lucky: it always landed on a soft surface. This time, it landed on a jagged-edged paving stone.



The phone itself was unfazed. The glass covering, however, was shattered into a million pieces.



They can be fixed. Mine was an iPhone5, so the repair was not cheap. Luckily it was a business phone, so the company paid for the repair. But – still!



Since then, I’ve ordered a nice smothery cover for my phone, which will enfold it like a mother’s love.



Why do companies make beautiful slim little phones that slip right out of your hand like baby eels? Everyone buys a rubber/plastic guard for his/her phone. I hate that – why have a beautiful thing and disguise it? – and kept mine in a kind of holster. The holster didn’t protect it from that damned paving stone.



Apple / Samsung / everyone else: stop making things ultra-thin, if it means we have to buy ultra-thick covers to protect them.



It’s just ridiculous.



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4 Responses to The fragility of hardware

  1. starproms says:

    Oh dear! and my daughter-in-law dropped hers in a bucket of water last week too. You’re right, they are fragile and easily dropped.

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