Teddy bears

teddy bears

A Tumblr acquaintance, Wooferstl, posted recently that his childhood teddy bear was lost sometime in the 1990s. In its memory, he bought a life-size Costco teddy bear. He posted this photo of himself with CostcoBear recently:


woofer teddy 1

I know the feeling.

I had a hideously ugly teddy bear when I was a kid. He was stout and had a strange just-been-strangled expression, but I loved him beyond measure.

He lived in my mother’s house for a long time after I left home in the 1970s, but I brought him back to live with me again after her death, and now he sits high up on a bookshelf in my bedroom (with his very own stuffed animal to play with), looking down on the passing scene:

my teddy 2013

He spent a lot of years in my mother’s basement, seeing nothing but her doing the laundry once in a while. Now he sees me getting ready for work, and coming home and changing clothes. This is at least more interesting for him, I hope.

He is full of something like sawdust. He is not cuddly. But he’s my childhood friend. (I think he belonged to one of my siblings, but I’m not sure. He certainly looks ancient.) He was with me in my childhood – he played with me and slept with me – and now he’s with me again, in my twilight years.

I’d like to pass him along to another child, but he’s not much of a toy; he smells funny, and he’s not cuddly (as I said).

He’s aging, just as I am.

I hope that, when my time comes (not anytime soon, I hope), he’ll want to go with me.

I’d like to have him along for the ride.


About Loren Williams
Gay, partnered, living in Providence, working at a local university. Loves: books, movies, TV. Comments and recriminations can be sent to futureworld@cox.net.

3 Responses to Teddy bears

  1. I have a little rubber horse with one hoof partly chewed off, that was my constant companion. I called it…Horsie.

  2. starproms says:

    Like you, I’m a fan of teddy bears and all cuddly toys. I have to confess that I have too many.I must do a post on it some time! Your bear looks very friendly to me and could be worth a lot of money, being that he’s so old (joke). Keep him safe by your side 🙂

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