The power of getting away

power of getting away

“The Power of Getting Away” was the spectacular title of a blog written by my Australian blogmate Attila Ovari not long ago. The drift of his blog was: How often do you detach yourself from your regular routine – the office, the news, national politics – and just think about yourself and your family and your own needs and wants?

But, to me, the title suggests so much more than that.

Getting away. O dear. If only we were able to get away – to escape from our lives and “forget for a while” (in JRR Tolkien’s words) “the dreadful doom of life.”

To bury our heads in the covers and sleep for another hour, or two, or ten.

To call in sick to work for a day, or a week, or a couple of years.

In a word: when something which is (presumably) overpoweringly powerful requests your presence, to be able to say “no.”

Best of all, I think, was the late Rue McClanahan’s comment on the TV show “Maude” many years ago (I paraphrase, probably badly): “When it’s my time to die, I’m going to be somewhere else.”

I want to be elsewhere when it’s my time too, if that’s at all possible.


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3 Responses to The power of getting away

  1. starproms says:

    I must admit that I felt like that this morning Loren. I woke at about 6.15 to the sounds of our terrible storm battering the cottage. Covering my head with the duvet, I decided to stay where I was. My sensible self said ‘get up – If the cottage gets damaged, you need to be clothed to run down the street!’ My other self said ‘stay in bed until the storm passes’. I stayed in bed!

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