For Sunday: “I Hate People,” from “Scrooge”

i hate people

“Scrooge” was an interesting movie. (I know it’s a Christmas movie, but the heat of summer makes me long for midwinter.) It had some decent songs, and a couple of great characterizations (Dame Edith Evans as a starchy grandmotherly un-Dickensian Ghost of Christmas Past, and Kenneth More as a huge Dickensian Ghost of Christmas Present).

This song is one of my favorites. I sing it to myself, under my breath, on most workdays, a little.


For Sunday: Three Dog Night sings Laura Nyro’s “Eli’s Coming”


Laura Nyro wrote some dynamite songs in the 1960s.

This is one of them.

This is a performance of one of them by Three Dog Night on a 1969 TV show, with the kinds of video  blandishments we thought were neat in those days.

Eli’s coming!

Hide your heart, girl!

For Sunday: Vampire Weekend sings “Diane Young”

diane young

From their brand-new album: Vampire Weekend’s song “Diane Young.”

Think about the title. But not too long.

Isabella Rossellini

isabella rossellini

You almost certainly know Isabella Rossellini. You know her from her old Lancome ads, or her terrifically creepy performance in “Blue Velvet,” or her role as Jack Donaghy’s ex-wife on “30 Rock,” or her voice-over performance as Homer Simpson’s agent when he becomes an outsider artist.

She is also the star of two clever little web series called “Green Porno” and “Seduce Me.”

These are series of short films in which she dresses as animals: squid, earthworms, ducks, lobsters, bedbugs.  She acts out their life-cycles and (most specifically) how they have sex.

She wears the most outrageous pantomime outfits, which are anatomically correct but completely unshocking.  She explains her premises: “If I were a shrimp,” she says, “when I am young, I would be a man.”  And she is a cute young shrimp, in a shell, with a mustache.  “But when I am older, I become a woman . . .” She removes her mustache and her outer shell, and suddenly she’s a nubile young female shrimp.

She wears penises as necessary. Her whale penis is enormous. Her barnacle penis is even more so.

She is funny and intense. She’s one of those celebrities I’d like to know in person, because she seems so sympathetic and intelligent.

I bet she and I would have fascinating conversations about the sex-life of the squid.

For my birthday: Joni Mitchell sings “Songs to Aging Children Come”

songs to aging children

Today is my birthday, and I always observe my birthday, one way or another.



Here is a nice sad song written by Joni Mitchell, which I first heard in the movie “Alice’s Restaurant.



Aging children: I am one.




For Sunday: “Bimbo’s Initiation” (another Max Fleischer cartoon)

bimbos initiation

This is another Betty Boop cartoon. It’s got the same dreamlike animation as the others I’ve posted recently, and is definitely creepy in spots. But it’s worth watching.







For years I wore mostly dull colors: gray and brown and blue (especially blue, because it brings out my eyes, tee hee).



Then, some years ago, I made a breakthrough, and I began to wear red shirts, and orange, and yellow, and chartreuse.



Now I love bright colors. I have a marigold-orange shirt, very vivid, and when I wore it a few weeks ago – “ORANGE!” a coworker shrieked. “I look at you, and all I can think of is ORANGE!”



Colors are important. They’re all around us, and we need to appreciate them. This is Pride Month, after all, with a flag that looks like this:




The colors have meanings: red is life, orange is healing, yellow is sunlight, green is nature, blue is harmony, and purple is spirit.


(The original flag included pink for sexuality and turquoise for magic/art. I wish they were still included.)


To quote Vampire Weekend:


Did you stay up

To see the dawn

In the colors

Of Benetton?



I love that song. It’s full of life and art and magic and sunlight and spirituality. Let’s hear it:





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