For Sunday: Wonder Woman spins, and spins, and spins

wonder woman spin

I think I speak for everyone who loved Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman when I say that we never got tired of watching her spin. She could turn even the most pedestrian outfit into something special.

Here are several dozen spins. Watch the outfits. It’s a whole education in late 1970s / early 1980s fashion.

Sunday blog: “You Spin Me ‘Round,” by Dead Or Alive


You are probably sick of these Eighties videos, but I never tire of them. I didn’t get to see most of them when they were new, and they seem so innocent and beautiful.



Take this one. The song is okay.



But the hair!



And the shaking of the finger!






Sunday blog: Wang Chung sings “Let’s Go”


Here’s why I love 1980s music videos: they take simple little songs and dress them up, with things like:


  • Dancing skeletons!

  • Origami hats!

  • A New Orleans funeral!

  • Cheerleaders!

  • Pyramids!

  • Sumo wrestlers!



Put on your origami hat and repeat after me: Let’s go, baby, let’s go, baby, come on!”






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