Representative Anthony Weiner


Folklore tells us that Alexander the Great grew tired of being lectured by his resident schoolmaster, Aristotle, on how sex was a waste of time. One evening Alexander sent a prostitute into Aristotle’s room, just to see what would happen.  He waited a while, and opened the door to find the prostitute riding the naked Aristotle around the room like a donkey.



Moral: sex makes smart people do stupid things.



I wrote a few months ago about Republican Representative Christopher Lee and his funny shirtless frolics with a camera and a mirror. Now we have Anthony Weiner, a Democrat, also playing “Candid Photography Click Click Nudge Nudge Say No More.”



When it’s a Republican, I hoot and whistle, I know. I can’t help it. When it’s a Democrat – Weiner, or John Edwards, or Bill Clinton, or Ted Kennedy – I just squirm uneasily. And I get all forgiving and moral. Does it make them bad lawmakers? Does it matter who they have sex with? Or whether they use cigars when they do it? Or whether they pay off their mistresses with campaign funds?



Well, um, yes, I think that last one does matter, now that I think about it.



All professions have their share of jerks. Jerks are sometimes actually good at their jobs; in some professions, it’s probably actually an asset. Rahm Emanuel comes to mind. By all accounts a horrible person; a very effective politician, however.



I think the thing that bothers me most about the Weiner story is the attitude he’s been displaying lately. He’s not contrite; he’s angry and hostile. Angry at being found out? Probably. Angry with himself for not being more discreet? Possibly.



Bitchin’ bod, though.



Who knew?



The Congressional weight room must have a dynamite conditioning program.




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