Blog extra: Hurricane Isaac


Just a quickie between regular posts.



The above illustration is a weathermap of Hurricane Isaac’s projected path up through the Gulf of Mexico.



Gay conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan opined that Isaac was definitely not a Republican hurricane, since it resembled a large purple penis surrounded by a rainbow halo.



This was pretty hilarious, until I read another comment today, from a woman blogger, sayiing that it looks much more like a uterus than a penis.



Either way, it works for me. 


For Sunday: the Scissor Sisters sing “Let’s Have a Kiki”


Information first: a “kiki” can be a chat, or a gossip session, or an impromptu party.



Now (not suitable for work! Not suitable for small children!): here’s the Scissor Sisters telling you: “Let’s Have a Kiki!”



(Seriously: this song has changed my life. I’m singing it all the time. It cheers me up tremendously. I hope it does the same for you.)





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