Chicken skin and beef marrow


I have written before about guts, and how delicious they are.



Well, here’s something new: an New York Times article revealing that lovers of chicken skin have finally come out of the closet.



I don’t know if you love chicken skin as much as I do.  I peel it off and eat it in long strips.  It’s full of fat and flavor.  And now chefs are using it as a flavoring ingredient.  (Actually it’s nothing new: I just saw the recipe for Shepard’s chicken croquettes, from a long-defunct restaurant in downtown Providence, and one of the ingredients is ground-up chicken skin!)



Which leads us, of course, to beef marrow.



As a kid, I had red meat nearly every night at dinner.  We used to raise and slaughter our own beef cattle; a family friend would cut and wrap the meat, which was sometimes cut rather haphazardly; the bones in the steaks were cut open so that they were perfect little cups, full of a jellylike whitish material that was wonderfully savory. 



Primates love marrow; it’s full of protein and fat. 



I suppose you might find that disgusting. 



But it’s so good!



Now: are you going to eat that chicken skin?  Because I’ll eat it if you don’t.



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