New Year’s Eve 2011: looking backward


Here we are, standing in the ashes of another year.  How the hell did 2011 pass so quickly?



The years all begin to look alike, after you’ve seen fifty or so of them.  It took me a minute to recollect the notable / memorable things that happened this year:



        Partner and I took some nice trips, twice to Cape Cod and once to Orlando (Disney / Universal, naturally).

        We got through the year without serious illness or injury (not counting some violent viral episodes, and Partner’s little muscle sprain in November).

        People passed away.  My uncle Sonny passed away in the Northwest.  A friend’s husband passed away after a long illness.  The husband of another friend passed away, after a similarly long illness.  My old boss Sharon, for whom I worked in the late 1980s and who was my colleague, neighbor and friend after that time, passed away suddenly in November.

        I managed to keep track of the people who matter: my old college friend George, my old work friend Patricia who now lives in the wild country of northwestern Massachusetts, my old work friend Sylvia who works in the wild country down around the Rhode Island School of Design.




Partner and I have a little tradition: just before midnight on New Year’s Eve, we get together and hold hands so that we’re together when the new year begins.  And we both make a sincere wish that, a year from now, we will still be together, doing exactly the same thing.



It’s worked pretty well so far. 



I’m sure we’ll be doing it again this evening.



And, I hope, a year from now too.



Happy New Year’s Eve, kids.


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