For Sunday: the Velvet Underground performs “Femme Fatale” (featuring Nico)

femme fatale

I first discovered the Velvet Underground when I was in graduate school in 1978. Their classic album (with the Andy Warhol banana on the cover) was eleven years old, even then. But I still sing the songs to myself, under my breath, in 2013: they’re still fresh and interesting, especially “Sunday Morning” and “Heroin” and “All Tomorrow’s Parties.”

And, naturally, “Femme Fatale.”

Nico (the lead singer) was a model / actress / singer / heroin addict. She had a strong deep voice and a strange accent, which made her interesting to listen to.


Sunday blog: “Heroin,” by the Velvet Underground


I’ve been posting too many music videos lately.  How about a nice song?



Here’s the Velvet Underground, back in their earliest days, with Lou Reed singing the creepily beautiful vocals and playing lead guitar, backed by Maureen Tucker on drum, John Cale on electric viola, and Sterling Morrison on rhythm guitar.



Happy Sunday.



“And I guess that I just don’t know . . .”


07_Heroin.m4a Listen on Posterous



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