For Sunday: Trixie Friganza does her “Bag O’ Tricks”

trixie friganza

My friend Apollonia told me about Trixie a long time ago, and I never forgot the name. Trixie (born Delia O’Callaghan in Grenola, Kansas) was a vaudevillian, a singer and comedienne and musician. She was a powerful supporter of women’s rights also: go read about her and it will make you proud. (Trixie was a nickname, which she kept because she always hated the name “Delia.” “Friganza” was her mother’s maiden name. When an interview asked her about the name, she said “I didn’t marry it,” and this was considered a borderline-scandalous thing to say. My goodness, how times have changed!)



This is Trixie’s one gift to later generations: a Vitaphone film recorded around 1930. The first few minutes are audio only; around halfway through, we get the full Trixie, complete with her solo on the double-bass.





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